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Health app






UI, UX, Content

The task

One of the main challenges for this task was to develop a product that would really make an impact in people’s life. The idea of the founder was to develop a place where patients with diabetes could find all the information they need to make smarter decisions about their health while using less time to jump from app to app to check on different information.

The MVP is al about creating a dashboard for people to be able to pick and choose the information they will see first, and then how to set up the most conclusive report to bring to their doctors.


I assumed the following roles designing this project:
User Experience (UX) Designer

- Interaction (IxD) Designer

- User Interface (UI) Designer
- Visual Designer
- Copy (UX)


- Interaction Design: High-fidelity interactive prototypes for key tasks on web.
- UX/UI Design:
- Competitive analysis
- User surveys and one-on-one interviews
- Personas
- User journeys and task flows
- Site map
- Low-fidelity wireframes
-High-fidelity mockups and prototypes
-Design system and UI kit
- Charting system
- Usability tests and findings

Project specifications

Duration: 8 weeks
- Figma
- Miro
- Photoshop
- Illustrator

By having a single app manage many accounts and data sources, a patient might be able to make better health decisions with the help of their doctors and take control of their own life.
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