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Rebuy campaign






Creative direction, strategy.

The opportunity to create a fully in-house campaign came in June 2021. My role as a creative lead working with an art director from my team was to create the concept, key visual, production and communication through different channels. 

The process started with finding a USP to communicate and leverage on top from the competition. I quickly realised Rebuy had more warranty time than any other e-commerce and took this concept to set up the “Nothing is really new” to give the assurance to our clients that refurbed products are as good as a new one, and we believed in it with an extended warranty. 

My role as creative lead was to liaise with internal stakeholders and secure the budget for our channels.

After this I lialised with every channel owner to see what they needed from us to communicate in the best way. This was the best performing campaign during my time at Rebuy with a budged of 40K eur.

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